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How can users be sure they have thought about all important factors?
Let an expert in the issues of music teaching and performing in Boston come up with all the "right" criteria.

Time is too short to spend on investigating dead ends: mutual interest must come from both parties at once.
How about a service able to automatically check if the parties can agree on scheduling before going any further.

Discretion can be highly profitable.
Music lessons and gigs are highly time sensitive. Some slots are too popular, other less so.
How about a service which will determine mutual interest without communicating any profile information?
Now you can optimize your revenues just like the airline companies: let your price vary according to the demand.

Who would want to become a permanent target for all kinds of marketing campaigns?
Easy to write, paper privacy policies are easy to break when the temptation becomes too strong.
What is really needed is a service which can work without collecting email addresses.
May 2006
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