Financial Cross Auction Platform
In charge of a portfolio of so-called toxic assets, can you get a price you can count on?
Keeping these assets till maturity condemns you to languish in limbo for ever
But unless you are ready to throw yourself at their mercy, buyers will avoid you.
Here is an opportunity.
Three lessons from today’s financial crisis:
  • - bundling illiquid assets will not create sustainable liquidity if you hide away the facts
  • - pitting market freedom against regulation is no solution.
  • - reverse auctions? Half a solution. Look at Wachovia, sellers want cross auctions.
The solution is ePrio's patented and tested, confidential cross auction platform.

I'm an expert in eprivacy with a PhD in computer science from MIT and my goal is to operate a new market mechanism which will
  • - enforce oversight rules,
  • - but free price discovery from third party spying
  • - and account for all relevant facts.
Asset-Backed Security dealers will pay subscriber fees and activity charges .

My operator cannot observe users' activity against users' consent, and so can be taken over by any major actor as an exit strategy.

Team with Philippe.Coueignoux at eprivacy.com now.
October 2008
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