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If you understand the advantages of ePrio's technology but cannot seize the opportunity of becoming a domain maker yourself, you may still be in a position of convincing someone else.

ePrio welcomes such efforts to bring it business as long as they are at arm length from their targets.

As a business finder, your reward will be 10% of the net revenues actually received by ePrio from every domain maker you enlist. Your fee will be computed on a annual basis, at each anniversary date of the enlistment, until the domain maker fails to renew the exclusivity.

In order to claim a finder's fee, you must comply with the following restrictions:
  • prior to any contact, you must provide ePrio, at sales@eprivacy.com, with the names of the decision makers you intend to convince, together with their affiliation whenever the deal would be made in the name of this organization
  • you must not be related to the decision maker, nor in partnership with him or her, nor work for the same organization, directly or indirectly
  • ePrio remains free to accept or refuse your pursuing such a target and needs not justify its decision
  • if ePrio accepts your pursuing a specific decision maker, it will not accept another business finder targeting the same person for a duration of three months
  • to be credited to your action, the order must be signed by the decision maker you targeted
April 2006
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