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# Condensed Summary
Yes- CAT Technologist Training: 2 year AMA approved program _ CT training minimum of 490 hours with cross sectional anatomy preferred _
Yes- Recent Medical Imaging Experience (including major expertise): Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) _
- required registration/certification: from 2 to 4
Yes- CAT Tech's MA License Status: current and under no disciplinary investigation _ never applied for, but with current license from other US state _ never applied for, and with no current license from other US state _
- weighted professional profile: from 80 to 350
Yes- Availability (regular number of hours per week): 40 hours (full time) _
Yes- Availability (regular days within week): all the days of the week, including Saturday, Sunday and holidays _
Yes- Availability (regular shifts): all shifts, including evening and night _
Yes- Availability (on call duties): accept on call rotations _
Yes- Current Employer: Beth Israel Deaconess _ Brigham & Women's Hospital _ Cambridge Hospital _ Emerson Hospital _ Franciscan Children's Hospital _ Harvard Vanguard _ Lahey Clinic _ Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary _ MGH _ Mass General Physician Organization _ Mount Auburn Hospital _ New England Medical Center _ Newton-Wellesley Hospital _ Saint Elizabeth's Medical Center _ The MRI Centers of New England _ other _
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