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Education college level education
CAT Technologist Training 2 year AMA approved program _
CAT Tech's MA License Status current and under no disciplinary investigation
Registration and Certification ARRT-R registered _ CAT Tech certified _ CPR certified _
Number of Years of Experience as a CAT Tech 2 years
Recent Medical Imaging Experience (including major expertise) Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) _ Diagnostic Radiology _
Special Imaging Expertise know basic imaging procedures, including interventional procedures _ can administer and monitor contrast _ can use PACS worklist _ beginner's expertise with PACS _ know CAT basic procedures _ know CAT basic reconstructions _ know CAT advanced reconstructions and 3D imaging _
Technical Accountability can resolve contrast management related issues _ can handle basic PACS malfunctions _ understand the theory behind basic CAT procedures _ understand the theory behind basic CAT reconstructions _
Availability (regular number of hours per week) 20 hours (half time) _ 40 hours (full time) _
Availability (regular days within week) all the days of the week, including Saturday, Sunday and holidays _ all the days of the week, except Saturday, Sunday and holidays _ week days, except Monday _ week days, except Tuesday _ week days, except Wednesday _ week days, except Thursday _ week days, except Friday _ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday _ Monday, Tuesday, Thursday _ Monday, Tuesday, Friday _ Monday, Wednesday, Thursday _ Monday, Wednesday, Friday _ Monday, Thursday, Friday _ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday _ Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday _ Tuesday, Thursday, Friday _ Wednesday, Thursday and Friday _
Availability (regular shifts) all shifts, including evening and night _ all shifts during daytime _ regular office hours _ morning hours _ afternoon hours _
Availability (on call duties) accept on call rotations
Current Employer Saint Elizabeth's Medical Center

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